Crossing Borders

Welcome to Crossing Borders: The Journal of early career research in Humanities and Social Science


Welcome to the official website for the Journal of Early Career Researchers for Humanities and Social Sciences (JECRHSS). We also go by the name "Crossing Borders" as that is one of the key aims of our journal, to allow researchers who are potentially researching under multiple disciplines to have one place to submit, but also to allow a whole selection of academics to come together; whether that is networking at our events or through contributing and peer reviewing at the journal

We are an online journal based at the university of York, but are hoping to expand in the future! Our current steering committee is:

  • Alison Edwards
  • Agata Lambrechts
  • Thomas Shillham
  • Michelle Hunter
  • Lucy Atkinson
  • Yara Abdelaty

Our editors are:

  • Katie Smith
  • Sharon Choe


We are currently working on our first issue and are excited to see what the future holds for us! We are kindly funded by the Research Centre for Social Sciences (ReCCS) based at the University of York, who have allowed us to host multiple events including a peer review training workshop and a networking event/launch. We are always open to new funding opportunities though, so if you'd like to find out more or just get in touch please email:

Call for Papers

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